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Nonferrous Metals


Descrition: Copper Strips/Tape Copper strip is made of electrolytic copper and it goes through the processes of ingot, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treatment, surface cleaning, cutting, finishing, ... [Read More]

2014-12-13 13:59:08

Descrition: Product: Copper tube, Copper pipe 2) Grade: C11000, C10200, C12000, C12100, C12200 3) Temper: Soft(M), Half hard(Y2), Hard(Y) 4) Out Diameter: 2.0mm--400mm 5) Wall thickness: 0.5mm--50mm 6... [Read More]

2014-12-13 13:52:36

Descrition: 1. Item: Copper bar, brass bar, copper alloy bar, pure copper bar 2. Material: T2, TP2, TP1, TU2, C1011, C1200, C12200, C10400, H90, H70, H68, H65, H63, H62, C2200, C2600, C2620, C2700, ... [Read More]

2014-12-13 13:50:44

Descrition: FR-4, FR-1, XPC, CEM-1 Copper Clad Laminated Sheet. It is used for PCB producing in electronics. Standard Size: 1030mm X 1230mm COPPER CLAD LAMINATED SHEET (CCL) Characteristic and ... [Read More]

2014-12-13 13:44:17

Descrition: Copper Plate/Sheet/Coil including the following Style: Hot Rolled sheet Standard: GB/ASTM/JIS/DIN Grade: T2, T3, TP1, TP2/C11000, C12500, C12000, C12200/C1100, C1201, C1220/E-CU58, 1/2 W... [Read More]

2014-12-13 10:06:21

Descrition: Electrolytic copper foil is very pure, oxygen free and not contain phosphor. Electrolytic copper foil is mainly used in Circuit Boardthe, and lithium ion battery ,thickness from 0.001 or 0... [Read More]

2014-12-13 10:00:04

Descrition: Lead plate, pure lead plate, Plumbum plate lead alloys board as well as lead stick and so on: This serial products is the industry corrosion preventing, the radioactive rays material. For ... [Read More]

2014-12-13 09:35:45

Descrition: Niobium is a shiny, white, soft, ductile and paramagnetic metal, which takes on a bluish tinge when exposed to air at room temperatures for extended periods. It has a low density in ... [Read More]

2014-12-13 09:32:29

Descrition: Pure nickel strip/Nickel Foil/Nickel Sheet N4 /N6 (Ni201, Ni200) Size: Thickness 5~50um(0.005mm-0.05mm) Nickel Foil/Pure Nickel Foil Size: Thickness 5~50um(0.005mm-0.05mm) Width 360mm... [Read More]

2014-12-12 17:13:09

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