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Descrition: PTFE/EPDM Sanitary GasketS, Precision fit and designed for Sanitary valves Time-Tested Materials, Third Party Verified Performance. 1. The elastomer backing is manufactured from Newman’s ... [Read More]

2014-11-13 14:08:58

Descrition: Our plastic Products material: Special Engineering Plastic (PAI, PI, PEEK, PPS, PTFE, POM, NYLON, PET, ABS, PC, PE-UHMW, PVDF, PSU, PEI, PPOB, PBI) Products, HDPE, PVC, PP, Metal Parts and ... [Read More]

2014-11-13 13:55:56

Descrition: We manufacture & export premium quality molded extruded Rubber string/Rubber cord. These industrial cords are made out of: * Viton * Silicone * Neoprene * Nitrile * Butyle * EPDM (Ethylene ... [Read More]

2014-11-13 13:44:30

Descrition: The braided expanded graphite tape knitted with an innovative expanded pure graphite yarn. The shape structure compacting braided with high strength, usually used as the packing and gasket... [Read More]

2014-11-13 13:40:15

Descrition: Self-adhesive graphite tape (Corrugated Graphite Tape) is provided in a unique dispenser that allows for easy field access and prevents waste associated with loose rolls. Furnished with a ... [Read More]

2014-11-13 13:35:21

Descrition: NBR/EPDM/CR/NR/CSM/VITON rubber gasket 1. Temperature range -30 to + 250C. 2. Good resistance to most chemicals and industrial fluids, will retain strength and withstand embrittlement ... [Read More]

2014-11-12 23:16:29

Descrition: Rubber part bonded metal/Metal grooved gasket bonded with rubber ring / Metal combined with rubber/spacer ring with rubber: We handle in rubber molded parts and rubber parts bonded to ... [Read More]

2014-11-12 17:15:18

Descrition: Rubber gasket with PTFE the gasket and other Teflon PTFE composite cladding gasket compared to the greatest advantage of the special melt bonding process is used to make plastics and ... [Read More]

2014-11-12 17:06:17

Descrition: Disc Springs are conically formed angular Discs, which are loaded in the axial direction. Disc Springs offer a well-developed solution to many engineering problems. Through a unique ... [Read More]

2014-11-12 14:49:19

Descrition: We can offer you various non-metallic flat gaskets, made from Asbestos, non-asbestos, Graphite, reinforced graphite, PTFE, improved PTFE, mica, and various rubber sheets etc. They are used ... [Read More]

2014-11-12 14:41:56

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